Monday 30th

As Good Friday approaches, we can share Christ’s journey.  Looking at the first of our stations from the church, here Jesus, the epitome of innocence, finds himself surrounded by the worst of our world. Power abused subverting the the good.  The very same thing is happening in our first reading today as the innocent Susanna is unjustly accused by the old judges who try to use their  power to have her executed to cover their desires.  As the virus that threatens our world approaches the poorer nations they have little to defend themselves.  Our journey through this time is hard enough, but theirs will be so much tougher.  We can choose to journey with them if we choose.  We have to avoid judgement and be ready to walk with them, sharing our experience and our resources.  For the many innocents living in camps in Syria or the Rohinga on the border of Bangladesh and Myanmar, the idea of self-distancing or shopping 2 metres apart is a fantasy.  Let us pray for those living in favelas and townships for whom the idea of a NHS like ours is a dream.

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