I had that phone call the other evening that many of us dread when one of our relatives is in a home and we cannot visit. It was the doctor saying that Mum had had a possible slight stroke and did we want her to go into hospital, which we have always battled against. How do you make a decision so far away and without any medical knowledge? What would be best? Doctors for many reasons want you to make the decision and I can understand that and the doctor was very helpful and kind and it was good of her to ring. But many of us are finding the separation very difficult even if we know it is necessary. In the end Mum did not go and is improving well as she usually does, she is very tough like many 91 year olds. They have seen off many a national crisis. It made us face a difficult decision, what if she does die now during this crisis? It was hard to face, but I am glad we have now made a decision we all think is right as a family. I am writing this simply because so many of us find ourselves in this situation, often with tough decisions and each making the best of it as we can. I thank God for the carers who carry on in extremely challenging circumstances.

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