Maundy Thursday 9th April

The Station does not really suit today. Today we are watching the disciples set up the upper room (cenacolo in Italian) for them to celebrate the Passover feast. Like any of us getting ready for a big meal, buying the provisions (essentials only this year of course), laying the table, enjoying the expectation of sharing in the year’s big meal when families came together across Israel and shared with neighbours if they were alone. A lot of laughter and no doubt a big reliance on the women who were probably doing most of the work. It is only as the meal progresses, and the prayers recall the great liberation of Israel from Egypt that the mood changes and it becomes clear to them that Jesus has something else on his mind. When he mentions betrayal then they are thrown into confusion. Jesus of course understands that the picture we see to the left is more than likely his future. The contast between the party and then the torture, all happening in the space of 24 hours was too much for the disciples (not unreasonably) and they run. Jesus is alone.

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