Easter Saturday

For many years I have been going to Lourdes with HCPT which accompanies children with disabilities on a week’s pilgrimage in Easter week, but also now in the summer. As pilgrimages always are, it is made up of prayer, fun, food, and definitley coffee and juice breaks. This year it was cancelled as is so much, though a Trust Mass which happens every year went on in the new circumstances. The Trust Mass is one of the most joyful church services I have been to, full of song and occasionally dance (definitely at the end after Mass has ended singing ‘Rise and Shine’,) and active participation, planned by a different region each year. So this year I am simply thinking of all those who have been, those who will miss out this year, and all those children who are finding the lockdown difficult and their families. Mary is HCPT’s patron; it is always good to ask her help in any situation we find ourselves in.

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