Monday 20th April Eastertide

In the small fictional village of Lansquenet-sous-Tannes a woman and her daughter arrive dressed in red as a wind blows through the village. The wind rushes towards the door of the church where, in the film, the door is slammed shut by the Mayor, while the people sing ‘Come Holy Ghost, Creator come.’ Both the colour red and the wind of course represent the Holy Spirit. This is the start to the film Chocolat, and this controversial woman, who no-one respects at first, and who does terrible things like opening a chocolate shop in Lent, blows into town and brings it to life. The famous line: “the wind blows where it will” (John 3:8), forms part of today’s gospel. We never know where the Spirit will take us, but if we surrender ourselves to it, our lives are never the same.

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