6th May

It is easy to be an armchair moraliser, perhaps most moralisers are by their nature. So I’m trying to avoid that but may well fail. But something worries me about the direction our national commentary is going at the moment. To me there is something wrong in contrasting the numbers of deaths in each country and the endless attempts on the news and in the media briefings to explain how we may not be as poorly off as we think by saying for example that we are better at gathering statistics than some countries or some other reason. Surely the simple stark numbers of the dead should be enough to make it clear that this is a disaster whatever is happening elsewhere. We may or may not like the government, and it is reasonable to question their performance as it is on any government. But no one expected to have to deal with this situation. Surely the question is, how do we work together on this nationally and internationally? How do we learn with each other about what we are facing and still might? We are still rich countries here in the west, so how as a group do we help those with far fewer resources? Are our vaccines when they come just for us or for the world? Will we be generous with what we discover? Our national pride should not be over numbers of the dead, but in what we can do for others. Not in how many we lose, but in how many people can we help save. And there should be no borders to that.

One thought on “6th May

  1. Believe it or not, I am optimistic about the way we all will behave one the pandemic is under control. There has been so much kindness shown by so many, and so much appreciation shown my so many, that I simply cannot believe this concern for others and gratitude for help will simply vanish. The wonderful baskets hanging from windows in southern Italy with their little notices asking those who can to give and those in need to help themselves will remain in everyone’s memory. Certainly some villains are trying to take advantage, bringing desperate refugees across the Channel and trying to defraud the easily confused into handing over cash for shopping that is never delivered. This is not new but this too will not be forgotten. It is almost as if we sheep who had gone astray, wasting the world’s resources, being far to self-indulgent, ignoring the plight of the vulnerable all around us have been given a timely and much needed reminder of what really matters. Thank you dear Lord, we really needed a reminder, and while those who are bereaved will grieve, let them remember that those who are missed on earth are now in a far, far better place


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