13th May. Feast of Mary Mazzarello

  • Today is the feast day of Mary Mazzarello, as well as Our Lady of Fatima. Together with Dom Bosco they founded the Salesians, she looking after the women’s side of the order. They both had visions, in the late 19th century, of God calling them to look after the poor children that abounded at that time with very little support of any kind, and this is still their purpose and their passion. Three things guide them in their approach which you can read on their website: Reason which appeals to the intelligence of young people, and meets them there they are at, never putting them down or belittling them, but lifting them up and encouraging them in the full awareness of personal responsibility.
  • Religion which appeals to their soul, encourages them to consider the true meaning of life and how great a gift it is, and which places faith in their naturally good nature and personal call to holiness,
  • and loving kindness, which I have seen in a action myself. A very unusual sentiment among teachers of children at the time.
  • Today the Salesians have schools and centres throughout the world, raising children with a wonderful sense of their own worth, and letting them know that Jesus loves them very deeply. Doing it all with a sense of humour usually too.

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