14 May. St. Matthias

We had a funeral today of someone who was a fervent member of the Latin Mass Society. What would have been most appropriate (and may happen later) would have been a full Requiem Mass in the extraordinary rite, the ‘Old Mass’. There we were at the local crematorium at Beetham, which is one of the nicest crematoriums I have been to, with a view of the local fells, on a nice day. She would understand, but it is not what she would have planned. I used a black stole, for the first time ever, and a bit of Latin, but it was not her ideal. In the lockdown, what we have to give up or do differently, is so different for each of us. To many this would not have been a problem at all. ‘What is the difference?’ many would say. Lockdown needs us all to be more understanding. ‘Why would that be a bother?’ we might say. Yet for someone it might be. It is no good saying, well I do not see your problem. It is a question of acceptance that it is a problem for someone else. In the house, if you are not good at picking up hints, or changing your ways like me, (leaving glasses and cups all over the worktop in the kitchen in my case, among other things) it requires a little more awareness, a little more thought. I think I am partially successful. Others in the house might well doubt that.

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