28th May

I was sent this recently. The more you look at creation the more wonderful it becomes. I spent some time looking at wild garlic flowers a while ago and they are amazing, like bundles of exactly matching and positioned stars. Here in Kendal it is pretty easy to think that God’s creation is fantastic. There are parts of this country and our world where it might be far harder. But you just have to dig deeper. You can be walking along a cannal full of supermarket trollies or old bikes. Walk down a ginnel behind your house to find that people have fly-tipped the most unpleasant things that you do not want to investigate, and no one is coming out to remove at the moment. Or worse be caught up in a disaster of some sort. And yet if you look hard enough something beautiful will be pushing through the dross that. It’s pretty much the ‘poppies on the Western Front’ image. Humanity and the world generally can do their best to crush the signs of God in the world, but Creation is divinely made with love so there will always be a sign if we have the patience and faith to look. It may be the smallest act of kindness for another.

One thought on “28th May

  1. Re orchid pic(28/05): fella on Facebook claims they are two different plants – quick Google indicates he is correct. Wunnerfil creations nonetheless.

    Whenever and wherever we find joy in creation is surely a moment when the Good Lord, the Creator hissen, lets us share His delight in his wunnerfil works. Such times, and there are many and many, make me smile, laugh out loud, and applaud the amazing skill of THE master craftsman!

    Bravo Hissen!

    Bravissimo Spiritus Sancti!


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