29th May. Feast of Pope Paul VI

This week I have been talking to nurses at our hospital and teachers at our Primary School, and all of them are working amazing hours to do what needs to be done. One of the problems, especially in school, is that new instructions arrive too late from above. Someone in a department somewhere or governmental advisory group gets a ‘good idea’ and suddenly people further down the line have to put it into effect regardless of what they have just prepared under the previous guidelines. No-one of course wants to be held responsible for any mistakes so the ‘buck’ is passed down the line until it hits headteachers and their staff, along with the worry that at a later date the very people who passed the buck will hold them responsible for any perceived mistakes. One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is courage, another wisdom. I think it would be good to pray this weekend for our leaders, wherever they may be, whatever their department. I have seen courage and wisdom among teachers and nurses. May their example inspire, as it does all of us, any of those further up the chain of command who are struggling with their responsibilities.

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