6th June.

I don’t pay a lot of attention to the latest pop stars unless while I am driving Radio 2 introduces me to one. (My life seems to have arrived at the Radio 2 stage, which, to be fair, has a far broader range of music than it used to.) However this week I ended up starring in a pop video. (It will not be appearing on the parish website and I am sure there all sorts of very handy legal reasons why I could not post it, thank goodness.) But it was one of those great events that lockdown has produced where one of my nieces, for her cousin’s birthday, got everyone in the family to take a line in the song, and then put togther the final ‘cut’, which was very funny. This has been a shocking time, but so may different ways of keeping in touch have come out of it that I hope we do not lose the enthusiasm people have had in creating new ways of relating to each other.

One thought on “6th June.

  1. Hello Father Hugh
    Am curious, must have been some song. Hope all is well with you. Will be at Mass with you tomorrow and thank you it is a huge comfort to share with you all.

    Gill (Jess and Tom Alter Servers Granny) kindest regards. Hope to see you soon.


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