16th June

I have just completed our application to the diocese to open the church. As you would expect these days it requires a risk assessment and all the necessary cleaning preparation, with appropriate signs etc. This is the world we live in now. I wonder though if people will walk in and see the church afresh. I am there every day, and I can see that it needs a touch of paint in places (more than.) But from a spiritual side too it may be that some will have a new reaction. For some it will certainly be a sense of home-coming again. It is always interesting when you get a new view of things especially those you are so much at home in. Church can mean a different thing to different people. People tend to have their own idea of what church should be like. Ours is an old (1837) typical Webster-design church. Sometimes I am tempted to knock it down and build a more eco-friendly, easy to use and heat building, but many of the parishioners are pleased that it is listed so I cannot. When I was in Rome the whole college went out for a trip to Florence. Roman churches tend to be very decorated with pictures and golden cherubs (putti) falling out of the ceiling. I took one of our cleaners, Maria Grazia, to the cathedral in Florence which is simple Gothic stone inside. I said, “Surely this is better, more dignified.” Without a pause, she looked at me and with a glint in her eye said, “It is cold, like northern men.” As lawyers say, ‘Never ask a question unless you already know the answer.’

One thought on “16th June

  1. I suspect that neither Jack McCoy nor Elie Konig would have accepted Maria’s response – they’d have bunged her in Rikers to allow her time to reconsider…I know it’s not a contest but if we’re talking ornate go visit Priego de Cordoba – ‘wedding cake’ churches aint in it!

    Personally, pour moi, ‘wedding cake’ or ‘Wet Nelly’ if the sanctuary light is lit who cares what the wrapping is like?

    These blogs are really good Father – interesting and thought provoking without being at all dull. Well done!


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