27th July

Do you ever have the feeling you might be losing the plot? Usually I only have it when I am trying to speak to BT and Openreach, but of course you cannot speak to Openreach, even though they are a Communications company, well I thought they were but I am starting to doubt it. By the time I manage to speak to BT I have usually lost it as it takes thirty minutes to speak to anyone before you are passed through two or three departments. I think I know everyone in the Stoke-on-Trent Connections office now, but then I am not sure that ‘connections’ is really the right name for it. However they are always unfailingly polite which is something. But that is not what made me think the end might be near. I knew that today it was meant to rain all day (although it seems to have cleared up a bit early). I woke up at 5.30ish and thought, when am I going to get a walk in today? Suddenly I jumped out of bed, had a glass of water and a biscuit and was on the top of Cunswick Scar by 6.30 with the sheep looking at me as if to say, ‘Humans are not meant to be here yet, this is our time.’ If think I disturbed a couple of curlews but as it was raining and my glasses were steamed up I was not too sure. Wiping your glasses with your fingers doesn’t work well really. One great benefit is that unsurprisingly there is no problem with social distancing at that time (besides the fact that it was already raining quite hard.) There is something really refreshing about walking in the rain, and as it was so quiet, and just me and disguntled animals and views over a cloudy Lakes, it is also a good time to take in the odd beauty of the Lakes in its usual grey wet, and pray as well. Then I just wanted to get back for a hot shower, a cup of tea and breakfast.

3 thoughts on “27th July

  1. Hello Father Hugh
    I get there eventually to let you know how much I enjoy your messages and Mass each Sunday, brings some normality into life. I look forward to being able to be back in church in the near future I miss the peace and tranquility very much. Hope you enjoyed your well deserved breakfast and a big thank you for all that you do for the parish.
    Kindest regards
    Gill Dodd (granny to Jess and Tom)


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