10th September

Every so often we have changes in the parish and recently we heard that the Cenacolo House was to close for a while. Cenacolo is a community that spread from Italy across Europe and the world and is set up to help people recover from addictions.) After a real struggle to get set up in fifteen years ago, it has become a spiritual support to the parish and the behaviour of those in the house has become a true sign of Christian presence in the parish and in the town. With a couples of blows from Coronavirus and then Brexit (as many people come there from abroad and the future is as yet uncertain about travel) the house has battled to grow. So the present members have left for other houses and we hope and pray that the New Year will see a new presence there. Inevitably it is a sadness for the parish and particularly for those who were closely in involved in the house, but we do trust that it will reopen and our our ties with the community are now so strong that they will endure. There are several spots around the country where people can go to enquire about joining the community, now it would probably be in Ireland, and Kendal remains one of them, so we meet every Thursday at 6.30 pm for prayers and then are available to talk to anyone who turns up and may want to join or find out about the community. (Making sure there are only 6 of us at a meeting now of course!)

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