8th October

Just time before a trip to the Trevi fountain this evening to write about our Mass today in the crypt of St. Peter’s at the tomb of St. Peter. We had to be up early to get through security and ready for Mass at 8.15. There was hardly anyone around and so the help in the Vatican sacristy was charming and easy. I was guided to everything that I needed and Anthony, our guide, and I then processed down to the crypt picking up our group on the way. It was a very special moment and Mass. It would have been very quiet but for a French bishop leading his group in loud singing nearby, which was forbidden but then he was a bishop! Regardless of that we could incorporate their alleluias into our Mass. Just pausing there to think where we were and spending that time in appreciation of what a privilege this was. Time for the bus.

Mass at the tomb of St. Peter and Judith reading the first reading

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