10th October

We have stumbled upon a beatification here in Assisi. The town is full of people, many young, for the beatification of Carlo Acutis who was only 15 when he died in 2006. His parents are Italian but have moved around. He was born in London. He was clearly a very devout young man who then contracted leukemia. Before he died he used IT to evangelise, especially on the Eucharist. He is pictured with a rosary and a picture of Eucharistic Adoration on his T-shirt. Apparently he is very well-known in America and the press person who stopped us, hearing English voices, was very disappointed that we were neither here for the beatification, nor did we know much about him. The beatification takes place this afternoon and 4.00. There are large screens all over the city so people can watch the Mass. We are off to San Damiano. I queued up yesterday evening as his body is being displayed in St. Mary Major here. It was an odd experience for me but there were many young people there. Last night as we walked round the town in the dark there were chapels and rooms open everywhere for Eucharistic Adoration, which was very moving.

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