Feast of St. Andrew

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Every Apostle has a good bit of legend attached to the stories we know from the Bible. It seems that St. Andrew was martyred while preaching in Achaia, Greece, but that is not something we find in the the New Testament. Possibly it was important too to the early Church that the Apostles often followed in Jesus footsteps, including death. But I think the most important image Andrew leaves us with is of him bringing his brother to Jesus. Andrew was probably a disciple of John the Baptist first. Jesus is pointed out to him. Discovering Jesus he immediately knows there is something more than just impressive about him. Even on a short acquaintance he recognises that simply meeting Jesus has to be shared. So he brings Simon, later to be called Peter, to Jesus. Perhaps this is what evangelisation is about. It is not us that converts anyone, it is Jesus. Our task, in whatever way, however quite and unassuming or dramatic and crowd-pulling, is to bring people to Jesus, and then let him complete his work.

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