15th January 2021

So, it has been a while since I wrote, but as I am now self-isolating, after an impressively pleasant and efficient test here in Kendal, I though it would be a good time to start again. Apart from Covid, what has happened? Our friendly rat who appeared before Christmas and was scampering around the garden, and the kitchen not to everyone’s delight, seems to have gone. Enviroguard did a couple of very good checks and there is no sign, not even in the traps. Bertie, as I called him, seems to be self-isolating or moved on to more tasty pastures. The more important event was ending Masses for a while. This was a difficult decision and many churches have decided to remain open, but it seemed sensible at the time and many were voting with their feet anyway. As it happens by chance it has made my self-isolating a lot easier, but I hope that can end soonish. (Live streaming from here will begin again on 24th but there will be a link to a great parish in Preston on Sunday.) Mass is something we always assume will be there and when it isn’t then you begin to notice. There are so many countries around the world who cannot get to Mass every week or even every year in some places and it leaves a big hole in our spiritual life. Even when we are live streaming the inability to get to communion and share it with others throws us back on our own spiritual resources and challenges how we relate to Jesus, Of course there are other ways, good ways, but you cannot beat being with Jesus and each other so intimately, sharing in Jesus himself. So that is enough for now. Anyone who is finding self-isolating difficult I sympathise and if you need help do get in touch with people. Lots of people want to help so do ask. For those of you who are really sick, you have my prayers and those of so many others.

2 thoughts on “15th January 2021

  1. Thankyou Fr Hugh.Hope you will feel better soon.
    We have really appreciated the tremendous support you have provided to the parish throughout this difficult time.


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