19th January 2021

Watching the rain from my self-isolating post, i.e. my couch. While most days I have a real desire to get out, strangely today is not one of them. Perhaps the rain is sent to help deal with the situation. I have noticed that the weather looks a lot better on one side of the house than the other. A good report is helped by looking out of the bedroom window, the sitting-room is usually a lot worse. (This is the sort of useless observation that you come to after days inside.) I am getting texts from the government thanking me for self-isolating which is very nice and the guy from Track and Trace was very pleasant. Whatever I might be feeling whoever is sleeping rough is having the worst possible time and we need to keep them in our prayers. Very little will be open for them these days. According to the radio if you are over 80 you are much more likely to have been vaccinated if you live in Kirkby Lonsdale than Kent. This was announced as shocking and there may be something of a postcode lottery to it but it does strike me as much easier to organise vaccines in the cosmopolis of Kirkby than much more populated Kent. Our nocturnal visitor, human not Bertie the rat, we could tell as though Bertie did get into a lot I do not think he has learnt to ring the bell yet, was at the door last night but gave up as by the time we arrived at the door no-one was there. Probably a wise decision.

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