9th February 2021

Beautiful day for a walk even if it began with another stroll to Bushey Walk for a test as it is time I got back to visiting the hospital and they would like me to have an ‘all clear’ test. There is something about these cold clear days, just hope my car is enjoying sitting in it as well. Our Cenacolo Community is on hold at the moment as we sort out Brexit and Covid, but the international community bring out a magazine ‘Resurrection’. It is incredible what they manage to achieve. In Latin America there are communities now in Paraguay, I think Argentina, and Costa Rica, Mexico too. The Costa Rica one is quite new and on a hillside. So they have cleared the hillside of jungle (I am trusting it was not rain forest, they do actually say ‘woods’) and are now growing coffee. They have planted two thousand coffee plants, I know nothing about coffee plantations but that sounds a lot. As far as I know you cannot order from them. The house in Paraguay is very new but doing well and they are very proud of their Covid welcoming hut/house where someone can quarantine before joining the full community. When the house is going well here it is amazing what these guys who have all been addicts of one sort or another can do and what pride they get out of it and running their own communities. Please keep them in your prayers and pray that our house here in Kendal will be able to open again soon. Anyone who wants to join can still do so by getting in touch with the community on the web and meeting up, virtually at first, with people here in Britain.

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