5th July Monday

Martin said to me a while ago that it was time I got back to this so here is a fresh start, I just hope I keep it up. I was back up on Cunswick and Scout Scars today in a welcome breeze/ wind. Great views as ever and if you stop to look you realise that even just the bracken has an amazing variety of greens from the lime green of the new branches to a lawn green and then on to green bean green. A much safer journey this Monday. Last Monday I was invited to the Golf Course Club House for lunch. You clip the edge of the course where I walk and I did not realise how far down the Club House was from there. That was fine and Malcolm treated me a lovely lunch. Coming back I got onto the wrong path (my sister rang me at just the wrong time) and suddenly I was under verbal fire. If you have ever worried about bulls, ticks or barbed-wire fences on a walk it is nothing to discover you are disturbing the teeing off of a golfing lady, supported ably by her voluble mates. I retreated trying to apologise as best I could and find another path where they could not see me, keeping my head down. A new deacon, Philip, has just arrived with us which is great for me as he has already been a great help and fortunately we have him here for a couple of months. We are off now to find somewhere to eat this evening which is an excuse for me not to cook, and a blessing for him.

One thought on “5th July Monday

  1. Hello father, vunderful to av you back on-line.

    Deacon Philip eh…what, one wonders, would be your footballing persuasion at all? Not one of those blackhearted Kopites are yer?

    Take yer life in yer ‘ands crossin’ that golf course when the players are out – even when one sticks assiduously to the public footpath. I’ve heard the Gates of Heaven are guarded 24/7 by wood wielding angels with wingfuls of 3 piece golf balls.

    The creatures!


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