12th July

Sitting in London with a thunder storm and rain outside, which I just managed to escape. Down here to see my Mum tomorrow, who is not bothered by any form of football and rarely has been, except for one trip to Wembley to see Blackpool play many decades ago. .Fortunately I guessed the train service on the Windermere Line might be a little dodgy the morning after last night and so it was. “We apologise for the cancellation of the train due to the non-arrival of a driver, ” or words to that effect. Philip, our new deacon, gave me a lift and after that there was no problem. The train was on time and it was a good journey. Philip has only been with us for a week but he seems to be settling in well. He makes an easy member of the house, preached well at the weekend (including a joke at the parish priest’s expense!), and seems very happy to help out. All good news. He is in charge for now. I caught up with some of my nephews and nieces who all clearly had a good time last night regardless of the result. Much of London was wandering around at about 2.30 am apparently. Many of them this morning still trying to get red crosses washed off. A good tip is not to use a lot of a friend’s lipstick to paint it on. It does not come of your face too easily. One of their friend’s had a job interview today which should be interesting. As for last night, let’s hope that the good work they have all done to get to the final is not lost in some of the unpleasant abuse people seem to feel at liberty to put on social media and as a country we celebrate their achievements.

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