31st August. Feast of St. Aidan and all the Lindisfarne saints

Aidan arrived from Iona in the 7th century and built the famous monastery on Lindisfarne. It is hard for us to imagine the sort of world people were living in then. Wild and uncertain. He gathered monks around him and began his missionary work in Northumbria and Cumbria. Scholarship and writing grew in the communityContinue reading “31st August. Feast of St. Aidan and all the Lindisfarne saints”

29th August Feast of the Beheading of John the Baptist

This is not the sort of feast we find conducive to celebration these days. We probably feel it would be a little distasteful to make much of it. However in the Middle Ages, when life was cheap, and many people died young both from illness and warfare it was very popular. In the chapel upContinue reading “29th August Feast of the Beheading of John the Baptist”

6th August. Feast of the Transfiguration

This is where Jesus appears in glory, surrounded by a bright light, with Moses and Elijah on the mountaintop, traditionally Mt Tabor, and it is witnessed by three of the apostles, Peter, James and John. If you climb to the top of Mt. Tabor you do have an incredible view of the whole of theContinue reading “6th August. Feast of the Transfiguration”