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3rd July St.Thomas

Some years ago I was invited to Kerala by some parishioners in Preston and spent two weeks in Kerala with a lovely family in Thrissur before moving north. The story of St. Thomas’s missionary work is everywhere and churches like the one above can be found all over Kerala. The story is that St. ThomasContinue reading “3rd July St.Thomas”

1st July

Last night we met up with Tim Farron our MP on zoom as part of the Climate Coalition Lobby of MPs. I was on from the parish and Cafod, but in our constituency there were lots of us taking part, 36 I counted at one point. My question was about debt relief for poorer countriesContinue reading “1st July”

30th June

I was sitting here ready to go into a Zoom meeting with others and Tim Farron on Climate Change (as there is a big online lobby of MPs by the Climate Coalition today), but, because of the vote on the Immigration Bill, that has been moved to 7.30. Just a reminder that in these timesContinue reading “30th June”

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