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12th August

In 1789 William Blake wrote about child chimney sweeps: “A little black thing among the snow; crying weep, weep, in notes of woe. Where are thy father & mother say? They are both gone up to the church to pray.” A few decades later in Oliver Twist, Dickens was still complaining about child labour asContinue reading “12th August”

11th August. St. Clare

On the hottest days in Rome you could see two Poor Clare Sisters going round the market dressed in their woolen habits gathering food for the convent. They have one of the simplest and poorest ways of life. Right from the start St. Clare, in the 13th century, wrote poverty into their rule and whenContinue reading “11th August. St. Clare”

8th August. St. Dominic

I don’t visit many care homes at the moment unless called in for emergencies. But yesterday I had to go in and see Mary Henry, who the staff were concerned about. Mary is a famous character in Kendal as for many years she was the night sister at the old hospital. Her care for herContinue reading “8th August. St. Dominic”

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