3rd August

I was going to put in another outstanding ornithological photo here of a skylark, but it was so blurred it was not worth it. But another great walk yesterday up on the Scar. While I was going up to the golf course, no repeat of previous encounters, I was listening to a podcast called FootballContinue reading “3rd August”

21st July

Apologies for the size of this, I could not make it smaller. (Philip has just upgraded my laptop for me and some things do not seem to work the same.) I like the sign and it does mean summer is here, though the heat is enough to tell me that. It was on the pavementContinue reading “21st July”

19th July

Up on Cunswick and Scout Scar as ever. The little bird in the picture landed close but by the time I had got the camera setting on it had moved off and was not going to sit for a close-up. I never found the perfect picture of the range of flowers I was looking forContinue reading “19th July”

13th July

Still thinking about racism and the defacing of the mural of Mark Rashford. Jurgen Moltmann, the German theologian, speaks about the kingdom of God as being experienced in a number of ways and one is the companionship of Jesus. Our hope is rooted in this. “Where the the sick are healed and the lost areContinue reading “13th July”

12th July

Sitting in London with a thunder storm and rain outside, which I just managed to escape. Down here to see my Mum tomorrow, who is not bothered by any form of football and rarely has been, except for one trip to Wembley to see Blackpool play many decades ago. .Fortunately I guessed the train serviceContinue reading “12th July”

6th July

This is the feast of St. Maria Goretti, a young woman who died when she was assaulted in the early years of 20th century. Her assailant went to prison but there was a process of reconciliation between him and her parents and he attended her canonisation with them in later years. She is buried inContinue reading “6th July”

5th July Monday

Martin said to me a while ago that it was time I got back to this so here is a fresh start, I just hope I keep it up. I was back up on Cunswick and Scout Scars today in a welcome breeze/ wind. Great views as ever and if you stop to look youContinue reading “5th July Monday”

15th February 2021

Today’s first reading at Mass was the story of Cain and Abel which we rarely hear about these days. It only comes up in the readings at Mass every so often and increasingly many people in the country will never have read it or come across it. Yet there are phrases in it like ‘AmContinue reading “15th February 2021”

13th February 2021

Just chatting to someone from the Parish Church on Waterside, it could have been a much longer chat but for the biting cold. He was saying how much he appreciated Bernard Loveland when he went to preach there during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Bernard settled into their community so easily and whenContinue reading “13th February 2021”


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