12th August

In 1789 William Blake wrote about child chimney sweeps: “A little black thing among the snow; crying weep, weep, in notes of woe. Where are thy father & mother say? They are both gone up to the church to pray.” A few decades later in Oliver Twist, Dickens was still complaining about child labour asContinue reading “12th August”

11th August. St. Clare

On the hottest days in Rome you could see two Poor Clare Sisters going round the market dressed in their woolen habits gathering food for the convent. They have one of the simplest and poorest ways of life. Right from the start St. Clare, in the 13th century, wrote poverty into their rule and whenContinue reading “11th August. St. Clare”

2nd August

Today’s gospel is the Feeding of the 5000 from Matthew’s gospel. There is a distinguished school of scholarship that would say the real miracle here is not that the loaves and the fish really went round so many people, but that the miracle was that the crowd actually shared the food they had among eachContinue reading “2nd August”

29th July. St. Martha

St. Martha gets a hard time because she is told off for not putting down her household tasks to listen to Jesus, unlike her sister Mary. But you cannot help feeling that Jesus is going to appreciate the supper Martha is about to provide for them all. She is also one of the first peopleContinue reading “29th July. St. Martha”

27th July

Do you ever have the feeling you might be losing the plot? Usually I only have it when I am trying to speak to BT and Openreach, but of course you cannot speak to Openreach, even though they are a Communications company, well I thought they were but I am starting to doubt it. ByContinue reading “27th July”


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