15th February 2021

Today’s first reading at Mass was the story of Cain and Abel which we rarely hear about these days. It only comes up in the readings at Mass every so often and increasingly many people in the country will never have read it or come across it. Yet there are phrases in it like ‘AmContinue reading “15th February 2021”

13th February 2021

Just chatting to someone from the Parish Church on Waterside, it could have been a much longer chat but for the biting cold. He was saying how much he appreciated Bernard Loveland when he went to preach there during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Bernard settled into their community so easily and whenContinue reading “13th February 2021”

9th February 2021

Beautiful day for a walk even if it began with another stroll to Bushey Walk for a test as it is time I got back to visiting the hospital and they would like me to have an ‘all clear’ test. There is something about these cold clear days, just hope my car is enjoying sittingContinue reading “9th February 2021”

7th February 2021

A friend of mine from college in Rome has just been made an Archbishop, not of a particular place but so that he can go off to be the Papal Nuncio (ambassador) to small country in Africa. If you are not archbishop for a city or region but for administrative reasons they give you theContinue reading “7th February 2021”


Some news that will not be of great interest to you but I am sharing it anyway is that my niece had a baby last night, Honor Rose, and just made it to the hospital in time, much to the taxi driver’s relief I guess. A man asked to come into church this evening toContinue reading “Candlemas”

1st February 2021

A bit late in the day to say White Rabbits. We always used to say it on 1st Feb but apparently you can say it on the first of any month. Just watching ‘The LIfe of the Mountain’ on Helvellyn. Suddenly would love to be up there again. I would have to be healthier andContinue reading “1st February 2021”


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