Sunday morning 29th March

Just reflecting on the gospel today and on Martha’s friendship with Jesus. Instead of the setting today I was thinking just of how Jesus loved her home with Mary and Lazarus. How this was the place Jesus relaxed, found his quiet time. Then I imagined being invited into the house. Going through the door and finding the four of them inside. What would the furniture be like? Couches, low tables, or cushions on the floor, and a table of food and wine around which they were sitting. The banter, laughter, the warmth of true friends relaxing. As I go in they all turn to me, slightly surprised for a moment, and then they all smile and welcome me to sit with them and share in their meal. Not a table where you need to ask to eat, you just help yourself in with them, perhaps a little uncertainly at first. In these days when we are at home, and there is no chance to share our Mass together directly can we welcome Jesus to our own table as Martha, Mary and Lazarus did, and make a space for him there as we break bread? He is always waiting for our invitation as our friend.

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